At some point of time, all of us realize the importance of saving money. Notwithstanding, when you start saving, the investment asset you choose invariably decides whether you will be able to meet your goals or not.

Let’s review top 4 investment classes which can help you grow money


Savings account and fixed deposits

Yes, savings accounts can make you grow your money, especially if you choose your bank wisely. Savings accounts come with a fixed annual interest rate, computed on the average daily balance in your accounts. While such an asset will invariably fetch you relatively lower returns but offer a high degree of safety and liquidity. Some smart investors are aware of the concept of sweep-in fixed deposits which place excess balance in your savings account in an automatic fixed deposit linked to savings account, generally providing superior return on investment. Traditional deposits which are for fixed terms can also be considered.

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Shares and mutual funds

‘Mutual funds sahi hai’ but it is important to understand what they are and how they work. They invest the money pooled by various investors into the equity or stock market and come in various shapes and sizes; from those which invest in large to mid to small companies and some with focus on specific sectors or even geographical markets, there are hundreds of mutual fund schemes in the market and one needs to choose wisely.

This is where one needs to review the investment philosophy, charge structure, fund performance and risk quotient before investing. Disciplined investments in mutual funds is a smart way to build a corpus. Nowadays there are several Direct investment platforms available which help you invest in a 100% digital manner and also advise  you on the funds basis your financial profile. Savvy investors can also invest in stocks based on their research and understanding.Check out the investment portfolio offered on SaveIN.


Gold and other precious metals

Indians have always considered gold/silver as ornaments as well as an asset class. Over time, physical gold, which comes with the inherent complexities of storage, safety and liquidity has given way to gold in digital form in the shape of Gold exchange traded funds or even digital gold.


Real Estate

For those who can afford to invest large sums of money, real estate is another popular asset class. Over the last few years, the asset class has become relatively less attractive for retail investors owing to stagnation in prices, delay in delivery of inventory and lack of liquidity.