Lockdown, pandemic, social distancing, and work from home, all these have become household subjects in the year 2020.

Adaptable as we humans are, we all have discovered our own unique ways to adjust to this new normal and quite honestly, the world has done a great job at managing this crisis.

Covid-19 has made us all sit up and notice the absolute essentials that keep us going, while allowing us to optimize the discretionary items so as to remain safe, efficient, and frugal.

While the gloom and doom associated with Covid are well established but would it not be nice to count the gains from this life changing experience?

Take for instance banking. Let’s be honest, who likes to stand in queues in a bank branch, waiting for your turn, only to be greeted by a very busy banker, asking for a list of documents that you need to fill manually, sign (and yes they don’t always match urgh…) and also submit ‘original’ proofs (don’t worry, you are not alone if you forget them at home)

In this day and age of everything being available on tap, in a hassle-free manner, why should one have to go to a bank branch for opening an account, checking your balance, effecting payments or filling up a service request form?

Banks are expected to be simple, functional, and available – at the behest of the user and this is where new age banking platforms like SaveIN are disrupting the way people bank.

At SaveIN, you get a fully digital, paperless and instantly functional bank account accompanied by a stylish debit card, that can be set up on your mobile device in under 5 minutes (yes, it is true!). That’s not all, SaveIN allows you to manage your personal finances by providing you deep insights about all things money- how you earn, where you spend and most importantly, how you can save more while not compromising on your lifestyle.

SaveIN, being a digital banking platform, works in partnership with a leading bank at the back end, thereby bringing to you, the best of both the worlds- the safety and trust of a traditional bank and disruption of a new age fintech entity while earning a fantastic interest rate on your savings and deposits.

With fully digital onboarding, you can enter the world of smarter banking with SaveIN in a matter of a few clicks and enjoy a lifetime of rewards and free digital tools for leading a healthier financial life.

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